What are signal recognition systems in mind control?

Now that you have some insights on how to take mind control skills beyond the normal levels, let’s have a look as the ‘Signal Recognition Systems’.

Now it’s very important that you learn to see the world as it is, not as you want it to be.

A lot of people go through the world and all they see is a thing they expect to be there, the things that they want to be there. It’s very important that you first of all realise what is actually out there, and secondly, learn to recognise the signals that you’re being successful with whatever you’re doing.

You see, a hypnotist over at The Academy Of Hypnotherapy had such a wonderful sense of recognising other people’s signals. He can literally tell if a woman had had an affair by the way she walks into the office and sits down in the chair.

One lady walked in, sat down in the chair, and said to him, “Well, I have a problem and I’ve seen hundreds of psychiatrists, and to be honest with you, I don’t know why I’m here. Because I don’t think you can help me either. You won’t even know what the problem is, like all the others.”

Erickson took a look at her and said, “Madam, I think I know exactly what you’ve come here for. In a moment I’m going to tell you something that I think is going to shock and surprise you. Now once I’ve told you this, you’ll realise that I am the right therapist to be working with you.”

Then he leaned forward, and he said, “Madam, how long have you been a woman for?”

Now, what was happening there is that the who lady walked in, it turns out, actually was not a woman, but was actually a man. Erickson had done something very, very clever. He had recognised a certain signal that gave away that this was not a natural woman.

You see, when a woman develops and first starts growing breasts, she begins to learn how to move her hand around the breasts automatically, so that it doesn’t keep bumping into them.

This man, who had had every other mannerism of a woman down – so that he looked, acted, and sounded just like a real woman – had actually brushed past his own breasts on the way to picking some lint off his shoulder, in such a way that Erickson instantly knew that this was not someone that was used to manoeuvring around his own chest. And that told him all he needed to know.

Think about it: Such a small signal would give him so much information.

In a similar event, he was walking through a hospital that he was working in one day, when a colleague of his – a female doctor – walked past him. And just as she comes up to him, Erickson turns around and says, “Congratulations on your new pregnancy.”

The woman went into shock and said, “Doctor Erickson, how did you know I was pregnant? In fact, I myself am only just coming back from my doctor now, who told me the news this morning.”

You see, what Erickson had done there is, he realised again that when a woman becomes pregnant there are certain changes that occur in her body. There are ‘micro’ changes in the way that her pelvis is structured, and even her hairline will move up by a fraction or two.

And Erickson had such acute visual recognition, that he noticed that this person had changed, from the last time he saw her, in that tiny amount. But it was enough to tell him that she was pregnant.

So now we’re going to focus our attention on creating that kind of exquisite ‘signal recognitions systems’ in you. So that you can see when people are going into a trance through, and you can see when people are responding to your mind control in the way you want them to.

Now a lot of things that we’ll be covering will be based around exercises. So I’m going to save a lot of these things for the exercise section later. But we’ll talk about a few principles first, and then we’ll run through all of the exercises – both for rapport and for learning to recognise the signals that people are actually responding to you hypnotically.